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Missing Process by Julien Pacaud. Digital collage.

Signor Martino uses his powers to levitate Mademoiselle Nita on stage, 1900 (from Getty Images’ book "Decades of the 20th Century—1900s" by Nick Yapp, scanned by WeirdVintage)

Cecil BeatonThe Countess of Pembroke acting in Beaton’s musical “Heil Cinderella”1939

lovenaotmaa said: Do you know any historically accurate biographies of Marie Antoinette? Most books that I know have the "romance" between Marie and Axel Von Fersen which really annoys me.


It’s unfortunate that most seem to rather heavily feature or hint at that, which drives me up the wall as well.

I’m gong to direct this question to vivelareine because I bet she’ll know which ones have the least amount of Swede in them.

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The First Lady’s First Press Conference
A week after the President gave his first press conference Betty Ford held one of her own. She fielded questions in the State Dining Room for 25 minutes on September 4, 1974. Although she had interacted informally with the press since entering the White House, Mrs. Ford took a step many former First Ladies had not by making herself available to the media in an official press conference. Around 150 reporters and photographers attended the session. During the press conference Mrs. Ford answered questions about her family’s transition to the White House, the impact of the economy on her family’s budget, and the possibility of President Ford running in the 1976 election. She spoke openly on several topics that would come up throughout the administration, including her support of the Equal Rights Amendment and women’s engagement in civic affairs. “I think that by becoming very active in politics, which I deeply encourage, that they will play a great role in the future of our country,” she said. Reporters asked her about her role as First Lady as well. Mrs. Ford expressed her interest in supporting the arts, particularly in education, and working with underprivileged and retarded children. She also responded to a question regarding the kind of “footprint” she wanted to make during her time in the White House: “I would like to be remembered in a very kind way; also as a constructive wife of a President. I do not expect to come anywhere near living up to those First Ladies who have gone before me. They have all done a great job, and I admire them a great deal and it is only my ambition to come close to them.”

Heideloff`s Gallery of Fashion April 1795. England Morning Dress.
The hair dressed. in small curls and ringlets; two small braids turned under the side curls, and the chignon turned up plain. Bandeau of muslin crossed with flowers. Three white ostrich feathers on the right side. Chemise of muslin, embroidered in colours; the sleeves tied with a narrow lilac riband. Sash à l`enfantine, of lilac riband. Large muslin handkerchief. Pearl bracelets and ear-rings. Lilac shoes with flat heels.

Group exhibition, ‘The Fall of The Watchers’ is currently showing at Arch Enemy Arts until 2 November - Again an AMAZING line up of artists all conveying the unhinging gateways between the never-ending battle of good and evil  More detail here!the-fall-of-the-watchers/c1h1u Inc. this amazing painting by Jasmine Worth, “As Above, So Below”